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Where The Sun Rises: 20 Years of Street Photography in Asia

“Where The Sun Rises” by Maciej Dakowicz presents a breathtaking journey through Asia’s streets, capturing the essence of urban life with spontaneous, detailed, and deeply authentic street photography.



Street Walker

Known for her ability to blend street photography with documentary, Meisler’s work in “Street Walker” provides an intimate glimpse into the dynamic cultural landscape of late 20th-century America. Through a selection of archived photographs, “Street Walker” blends street photography with documentary to capture genuine, unfiltered moments.

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Street O’Clock

“Street O’Clock” by Pau Buscatò celebrates the vibrant, unpredictable nature of street photography, inviting us to see the city as an active participant in the dance of life through perfectly timed, spontaneous moments.

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Don’t Feed The Animals

“Don’t Feed the Animals” by Lucia Buricelli transforms New York City’s consumerist culture into a theatrical safari, capturing the dramatic interplay of human interactions and the relentless pursuit of bargains in a chaotic urban landscape

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Vibrant Wilderness

Through his contemplative approach, Sotiris Lamprou challenges perceptions of photographic representation, capturing the unsaid and unseen in the landscapes of Aliartos, Boetia, Greece, evoking deep reflection and nostalgia.

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Where I Was Born

“Where I Was Born” by Liza Bukreyeva offers an intimate visual narrative that explores home, identity, and belonging through evocative and nostalgic photographs of her birthplace, Ukraine.

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Animal Anarchy: Beyond Fences and Fields #14

Eyeshot Magazine proudly presents issue #14: “Animal Anarchy: Beyond Fences and Fields”. This limited edition magazine is a captivating visual journey into the hidden and untamed animal world, capturing the unexpected moments where wildlife asserts its presence in urban settings. Through a meticulously curated collection of +130 street photographs from talented international photographers, issue #14 brings to life the triumphs and struggles of urban wildlife, offering a vivid portrayal of their secret lives and the unique ways they navigate and thrive in the concrete jungle.

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We welcome you to the domain of Eyeshot, the place where photography transcends mere imagery to embody narrative, perspective, and art. Our specialization in street and documentary photography guides us in our mission to discover, promote, and celebrate photographers both emerging and established on an international level.

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Explore Eyeshot Magazine, your destination for the finest in street and documentary photography. Each edition is a carefully curated work of art, available in limited editions to ensure exclusivity and uncompromising quality. We offer unique perspectives and breathtaking visual narratives that capture the essence of global culture through the lenses of the best emerging and established talents.

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Dive into Eyeshot Books, a showcase of exceptional street and documentary photography. Each volume is a meticulously curated limited edition that captures the spirit of diverse cultures and personal narratives. We bring together distinctive and impactful visual stories from top photographers around the world, offering readers a unique, tangible connection to the art of photography.

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Fine Art

Discover Eyeshot’s Fine Art Prints, a selection of exquisite street and documentary photography pieces. Each print is a limited edition, crafted to preserve the integrity and vividness of the photographer’s vision. Our collection features unique images from renowned and emerging artists, offering an exclusive glimpse into extraordinary moments and stories. Elevate your space with these timeless visuals.


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“Animal Anarchy” Issue #14

Discover Eyeshot’s latest magazine issue release: Issue #14 “Animal Anarchy: Beyond Fences and Fields”. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of street and documentary photography.

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