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Barry Talis

The Pursuit Of The Numinous

By documenting the broad spectrum of urban spirituality, Barry Talis challenges the conventional boundariesbetween the sacred and the profane revealing “the numinous” in the most unexpected places.

Urban Landscapes Reimagined

With a selection of +200 captivating photographs, spanning across 164 pages, Barry Talis’s “The Pursuit Of The Numinous” reveals how spirituality permeates the urban environment, often in unexpected ways.

Barry Talis’s Vision

In “The Pursuit Of The Numinous,” Barry Talis captures transcendent moments across the spiritual and secular spectrum through provocative angles and interplays of light and shadow. His work reveals the divine in everyday settings, from religious rituals to pride events and mundane scenes, urging viewers to find spirituality in unexpected places. This exploration showcases urban spirituality, reminding us that the sacred is all around.

Shin Noguchi

In Color In Japan: Selected and New Works

This revised edition explores Shin’s vibrant world, where each photograph tells a story, inviting us to experience the beauty of Japan through his eyes. This edition is a window into the universal human experience through the unique lens of Japanese culture.

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Gustavo Minas

Liquid Cities

Through Minas’ lens, we invite you to traverse the liquid landscapes of cities that are ever-changing, where the boundaries between the real and the virtual blur, creating a tapestry of life that is both vibrant and introspective.

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Gustavo Minas Eyeshot 3
Gustavo Minas Eyeshot 2

Vineet Vohra

Serendipity 2nd Edition

With +50 new photographs, and 100 revised photographs, this 2nd Edition invites you into deeper narratives, showcasing Vohra’s unparalleled ability to capture moments of fleeting beauty and transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

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