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Eyeshot Limited Editions Coming to Life

Eyeshot’s limited editions are no longer available but we’re excited to bring these compelling narratives and stunning visual stories from “Tierra Santa” in Andalucia, the vibrant life of “A World Called Mumbai”, and the historical echoes of “Cairo: A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect” into the physical realm.
Stay tuned for what’s next, as we continue to explore, document, and share the beauty of our world through the lens of Eyeshot.

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New Updates Coming Soon

A Final Farewell to Eyeshot’s Limited Editions

The opportunity to pre-order and claim your exclusive copy of Eyeshot’s limited editions, including the deeply immersive “Standalone” by Jill Freedman, is now behind us. These publications, celebrated for their unique visual storytelling and insightful cultural exploration, will not be reprinted, making your secured copies truly special.

Again, thank you all for your incredible support.

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Undercover Streets: Photography Workshop

Vineet Vohra’s Online Masterclass

Missed out on the in-person workshop? No worries! Join us online for a unique journey into the art of street photography with iconic street photographer and Leica Ambassador Vineet Vohra. He will bring his expertise to your screen with “How to Create a Voice with Photographs” masterclass.

Eyeshot Publications

We welcome you to the domain of Eyeshot, the place where photography transcends mere imagery to embody narrative, perspective, and art. Our specialization in street and documentary photography guides us in our mission to discover, promote, and celebrate photographers both emerging and established on an international level.

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Eyeshot’s publications are more than just books; they are a canvas where the essence of humanity is captured and shared, fostering a global community of visual storytellers and avid admirers. Crafted with a profound respect for artistry and bound in high-quality, eco-friendly materials, Eyeshot’s books are a tangible portrayal of our commitment to promoting distinctive, authentic, and thought-provoking photography.

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Eyeshot’s issues traverse globe alongside emerging and seasoned photographers whose lenses capture the pulse of urban life in its rawest form. Eyeshot’s magazined are a gateway to unvoiced emotions, and the nuanced dance of everyday existence, all bound in high-quality print that is as tactile as the stories they evoke.


Fine Art Prints

Discover Eyeshot Fine Art prints collection featuring at its center the journey of existence as it is captured through events and experiences in intimate and reflective everyday scenes.

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Eyeshot Collections

Signed Prints

Created by Photographers, this collection features high-quality photography publications with a focus on creative and innovative perspectives. We aim to become the vanguard of a movement reshaping the publishing field.

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Limited Edition

Fine Prints Open Call Edition

These extraordinary pieces were chosen by an international jury from thousands of global submissions. Discover the beauty and skill behind these award-winning photographs, representing the excellence and dedication to perfection that sets Eyeshot apart. A unique opportunity to own an authentic work of art from the best contemporary photographers.

Eyeshot’s Iconic Collection Debuts on Amazon: Join the Journey

The Eyeshot Magazine Collection is now available on Amazon. This ever-growing collection is a tribute to the world of street and documentary photography, featuring both our iconic sold-out and latest editions in a newly designed, more intimate format. The Collection is a carefully crafted experience that brings the world of street and documentary photography directly to your hands with all the Amazon benefits included!

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Capture the Moment: Join Eyeshot’s Exclusive Photography Community

Join our passionate photography community: sign up now to receive exclusive updates, early access to our Open Calls, and special invitations to workshops, all directly in your inbox. Become part of a global network celebrating and supporting street and documentary photography with Eyeshot.

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