Join us for a monumental three-day workshop led by Vineet Vohra from 10-12th November 2023 at Magazzini Fotografici, Naples, Italy!
Unleash your artistic vision, refine your storytelling skills, and immerse yourself in the vibrant streets of Naples.

With Vineet Vohra’s “How to create a voice with photographs” workshop you will have the chance to experience on-the-ground training, unique mentorship, and the art of capturing the world through your lens.

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Eyeshot Book

Jill Freedman

STANDALONE is an immersive look into the complexity and uniqueness of New York City, and the narratives of existence that coexist within it. New York is a place encompassing human life in a cluster of different forms and variable – all present at the same time.

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Fine Art Prints

Discover Eyeshot Fine Art prints collection featuring at its center the journey of existence as it is captured through events and experiences in intimate and reflective everyday scenes.

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Eyeshot Collections


Created by Photographers, this collection features high-quality photography publications with a focus on creative and innovative perspectives. We aim to become the vanguard of a movement reshaping the publishing field.

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Limited Edition


These extraordinary pieces were chosen by an international jury from thousands of global submissions. Discover the beauty and skill behind these award-winning photographs, representing the excellence and dedication to perfection that sets Eyeshot apart. A unique opportunity to own an authentic work of art from the best contemporary photographers.

Paolo Marchetti

“Fever: An Undercover Journey” by internationally renowned documentary photographer Paolo Marchetti is a compelling and thought-provoking photographic investigation of a primordial feeling that is increasingly affecting our society: the rage.
This photographic journey is a five-year long odyssey into the complex and often disturbing motivations and realities fuelling the resurgence of far-right movements across Europe.

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Picturing the past

Picturing the Past: A Photographic Journey Through History

Creative and engaging, “Picturing the Past: A Photographic Journey Through History” tells powerful stories through iconic shots, bringing to light significant moments in history.

Join us on a journey back in time through the lenses of those who have experienced and documented the most significant moments in history: “Picturing the Past” explores the events and key personalities who contributed to changing the course of events through the most iconic photographs.

  • Episode 5 | The Proibition

    Episode 5 | The Proibition

    The 1920s were a decade of contradictions, and the era of Prohibition was an icon of that time. During this period, the federal government imposed one of the most famous national bans in history: the production, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages.

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  • Episode 4 | The Women of the Black Panther

    Episode 4 | The Women of the Black Panther

    Founded in 1966, the Black Panther Movement was a revolutionary political force built upon principles of self-determination and empowerment. Within the Movement, nearly two-thirds of the members were women whose work “truly made the Black Panther Party relevant to a new era of struggle for liberation” (Angela Davis).

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  • Episode 3 | Gertrude Ederle

    Episode 3 | Gertrude Ederle

    Known as the “Queen of the Waves”, Gertrude Ederle became a true icon in the world of swimming and sports history. She was not only one of the most talented and gifted swimmers in history, but also the first woman to accomplish one of the most difficult sporting feats ever.

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  • Episode 2 | Amelia Earhart

    Episode 2 | Amelia Earhart

    From her childhood in Kansas to her first flying experience, and all the way to her legendary solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia Earhart was a source of Inspiration for Women Breaking Gender Barriers.

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Galleria del Cembalo

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Single Category

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Series Category

NFT Fine Art

“Humans” is the first 1/1 NFT + Fine Art collection launched by Eyeshot. The theme of the collection is to unveil the moments, the instants, the small glimpses that capture humans in their daily lives, showing them perfectly immersed in their context and becoming one with their surroundings.

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