Subscription Platinum Edition

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    Eyeshot Subscription

    With the Platinum Subscription Plan, you’ll get the full Eyeshot experience on both monographs and magazines. It includes ten monographs and four Eyeshot magazines, and it’s a one-year subscription.

    You’ll get each magazine both in print and digital form.

    You get to choose which six books you’d like to receive, or you can ask our team to pick for you based on your interests, from the Eyeshot Collection catalogue:

    #3 Vineet Vohra
    #4 Francesco Sembolini
    #5 Suzan Pektaş (out on 09/15)
    #6 Lorenzo Catena & Valeria Tofanelli (out on 09/15)
    #7 Max Sturgeon (out on 09/15)
    #8 Stavros Stamatiou (out on 09/15)
    #9 Andrea Torrei (out on 10/15)
    #10 Richard Koci Hernandez (out on 10/15)
    #11 Lukas Vasilikos (out on 10/15)
    #12 Meryl Meisler(out on 10/15)
    #13 Sakulchai Sikitikul (out on 11/15)
    #14 David Graham (out on 11/15)
    #15 Michelle Groskopf (out on 11/15)
    #16 Simon Paul Kossoff (out on 11/15)
    #17 Maude Bardet (out on 12/15)
    #18 Ian Howorth (out on 12/15)
    #19 Danielle Houghton (out on 12/15)
    #20 Jill Freedman(out on 12/15)

    Each book will be shipped with a Premium Packaging Box handled to either Fedex and DHL, depending on your country. You’ll get a tracking number to monitor all the steps up to your doorstep.

    Every new Eyeshot subscriber will receive the five limited-edition postcards autographed by Diana Maria, Graciela Magnoni, Jeffrey De Keyser, Jerome Lorieau, and Valeria Tofanelli.