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Designed and Made in Italy

The first Independent Publisher of Street and Documentary Photography

Eyeshot is an independent Italian publishing house, devoted to the printing and distribution of limited-edition and signed publications, focused on Street Photography and Documentary Photography.
We are dedicated to celebrating and promoting the talent of photographers from all over the world, providing a unique platform to explore and appreciate the power and beauty of these forms of visual art.

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Eyeshot DNA

Italian handicraft is the benchmark of our production activity

At the heart of our commitment is also environmental sustainability. We are proud to adopt eco-friendly publishing practices, utilizing high-quality materials from sustainable sources and low-impact production processes. We want our publications to not only inspire and inform but also stand as a testament to our commitment to the conservation of our planet.
All Eyeshot publications are made in Italy, but our contributors are from around the globe. We are headquartered in Italy, with a community sharing the same passion from over 120 countries on five continents.

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Our Philosophy

We are working on deeply transforming the industry as we know it.

Eyeshot’s strong commitment to photography is conveyed through its actions and beliefs.
Eyeshot places high value on innovative ideas, and strives for mutual respect and fairness to create an environment of excellence, trust, and diversity in which everyone feels welcome.
Created by Photographers, Eyeshot products are designed for all those interested in high-quality photography publications. We aim to become the vanguard of a movement reshaping the publishing field. We invest in Artists and support them with suitable royalties.

We respect Authors, their Creativity, and their Copyright.

Manual Of Instruction

Eyeshot Prompts Photographers To Make A Living From Their Work Again

Behind Eyeshot there is an editorial board of highly qualified staff focused on selecting themes and contents offered to readers month by month. In addition, we work with a broad network of writers, researchers and visual designers to provide multiple points of view. We aim to provide our readers with a selection of quality products both in themes and printing materials.


Eyeshot Prints From Responsible Sources

Italian handicraft is well-known worldwide, and we have the fortune to work with some of the leading companies in the publishing industry. We print on paper from FSC certified sources and we support local printing presses. We have a strict plastic-free policy, and we apply acid-free paper stickers only. Our premium packaging is specifically designed for Eyeshot products, and to make it gorgeous we use soy-based inks only.

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Eyeshot is a Living and Expanding Archive

Our Mission

The mission of Eyeshot Magazine is to promote and spread the passion for street and documentary photography on a global scale, providing a platform where emerging and established photographers can share their talent and artistic vision. We are committed to discovering, supporting, and inspiring unique talents in street and documentary photography, showcasing the most meaningful and thought-provoking works. Through the publication of limited-edition printed books, magazines, the organization of events, and the creation of an active and engaged community, we aim to elevate street and documentary photography as art forms and contribute to their recognition in the contemporary artistic and cultural landscape.

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We Strive To Inspire

With our focus on image quality and visual aesthetics, our publications are genuine works of art that go beyond simple photographic prints. We believe that photography is a powerful storytelling and expressive tool, capable of capturing unique moments and telling stories that might otherwise remain unseen.


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