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About Us

What we do

Founded in 2017, Eyeshot is the first independent publisher working exclusively with Street and Documentary Photography with authors from all over the world.

Eyeshot is devoted to printing and distributing Art publications dedicated to the most influential authors in the contemporary worldwide Photography scene. Every publication is limited edition, hand-numbered and autographed by the author.

Eyeshot is an independent and environmentally friendly publisher.

We curate each Photographer’s work and publish it in collectable and limited edition books and magazines.

We sequence, edit, design, distribute and advertise our publications by bearing all the production costs ourselves. In addition, Eyeshot products are designed not to cause any unnecessary harm on the environment.

Eyeshot is headquartered in Italy, but our contributors are from around the globe. Eyeshot is followed by over 120 countries on 5 continents.






Why we do it

From the very beginning, Eyeshot’s vision has been to bring inspiration to every person with a camera from across the world and help them build a brighter future. We focus on Street and Documentary Photography as both visual languages and art forms to become the vanguard of a movement that aims to reshape the publishing field.

We are working on deeply transforming the industry as we know it.

Eyeshot places high value on innovative ideas, and we are very attentive to ensure a climate of excellence, fairness, trust, and diversity where everyone is welcome. Eyeshot respects authors, their creativity and their copyright as significant aspects of our promotion of Photography.

Created by Photographers, Eyeshot products are intended for all those having an interest in top-quality Photography publications with high regard to innovative perspectives.

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How we do it

Since Eyeshot was founded, we reached thousands of Photographers for collaborating with us in our books and magazines. We invest in contemporary talents, and we always look for new Photographers to showcase their unique vision. As a result, we commit to offer Authors we collaborate with the highest royalties in the publishing industry.

Eyeshot prompts Photographers to make a living from their work again.

Behind Eyeshot is an editorial board of highly qualified staff focused on selecting themes and contents offered to readers month by month. In addition, we work with a broad network of writers, researchers and visual designers to provide multiple points of view. We aim to provide our readers with a selection of quality products both in themes and printing materials.

Eyeshot prints from responsible sources.

Italian handicraft is well-known worldwide, and we have the fortune to work with some of the leading companies in the publishing industry. We print on paper from FSC certified sources and we support local printing presses. We have a strict plastic-free policy, and we apply acid-free paper stickers only. Our premium packaging is specifically designed for Eyeshot products, and to make it gorgeous we use soy-based inks only.

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Work with us


f you are a photographer and you wish to collaborate with Eyeshot, feel free to pitch us your idea by reaching out at publisher@eyeshotstreetphotography.com or submitting your Street Photography series for review [here].

Writers, designers, creatives

If you are a creative figure and you wish to work with Eyeshot on our editorial and digital projects, feel free to pitch us your idea by reaching out at editorial@eyeshotstreetphotography.com on how we could mutually benefit from our collaboration.

Eyeshot is a living and expanding archive.
Be part of the change.