What I like when I go around the city is to look with the photographer’s eye to capture situations and events that are not normally seen. It is a different way of looking at the city, of looking at people and presenting an infinite number of situations that affect one’s sensibility. I do not have a precise project when I walk around the streets, I am very instinctive and I shoot when there is something that strikes me. This is why the street picture becomes a reflection of my personality and is one of my favorite aspects of this photographic genre.

Photographer: Alessandro Luigi Rocchi

Country: Italy

Bio: I was born in 1964 in Milan, Italy, where I live. I always liked to photograph; for years I have photographed occasionally, also having fun to print photos in black and white in my bathroom. From 2014 I have restarted to photograph continuously and I am passionate about street photography. I am still studying, I’m still looking for my way: the path is long and I’m really enjoying it, then we’ll see…