Identity. A series of photographs that analyze urban society from different points of view. Through high contrasts, deep shadows and blades of light, this series of images bare the subjects of their identity not depriving them of their expressiveness.
In a world where we are more accustomed to confront on social networks, the individual is almost deprived of his identity becoming ethereal and unreal in images of everyday life.
Without the use of photo manipulation, as per street photography tradition, and through the use of natural light, the photographer gives life to graphic images that show a non-place rich in silence and public solitude.
The project wants to be a hymn to the expressiveness without expression, to the humanity that dissolves itself in everyday life.
A tribute to reality that becomes unreal.

Photographer: Alessandro Schiariti

Country: Italy

Bio: I was born in Rome in 1980. Since the first years of life, I have been surrounded by art and artists, my father himself is an artist.
I grew up among paintings and galleries, poets and writers and probably this made art a natural element to me.
I discovered photography at the age of 20 starting from scratch and after that, I have never stopped shooting.
I’m a professional photographer today. For years I have worked as an official photographer in several “alternative” events (rock, metal, dark). Today I’m still involved in this kind of events.
I carry on my business as a commercial photographer and on the other hand, I dedicate myself to the organization of photographic exhibitions and to the disclosure of street photography culture in Rome through “TRA ASFALTO E LUCE “, a community of which I am responsible and founder: I teach photography and street photography.
Currently, I am involved in several collaborations with artistic collectives and when time allows I realize small reportages of situations that I find interesting and that I love to tell but what I love most is shooting in the street using photography to abstract reality and make paintings of light.
I love photography, I love art, I always thought that it is not the intellect that makes us different from other animals, but the ability to give shape to the soul through art.