Streets of Morocco. The streets of Morocco is a street project that contains some photographs that are part of the “Morocco Diary” work. These photos were taken in the jungle of the medina of Marrakech and Essaouira trying to capture that frenzy and dynamism that only in the souk can be found.

Photographer: Alessio Lucarini

Country: Italy

Bio: Alessio Lucarini is an Italian photographer based in Prato.
Born in 1990, after graduating from the Dams of Bologna in 2014, he approaches the world of photography and starts shooting as a freelance photographer. In 2017 he exhibited the photographic project Unusual Landscape at the “Tuscania Festival” (ITA) and a photo at the “Reclaim Photography Festival” in Birmingham (United Kingdom), always taken from the Unusual Landscape series.
At the end of 2017, he participated in the European Creativewear Project (Heritage & Marketing) organized by the Prato Textile Museum, which provides for the photographic archiving through the still life of the archives of the historical collections of fabrics of Prato textile companies.
Finalist of the 2018 Landscape Awards contest with the Desert Playground photography organized by The Independent Photographer of the new work on Morocco, he is currently working on personal photographic projects, textile photographic documentation, and publications.