Black. Black is my favorite color. I believe it is the best color to represent us as a human because just like the color we are mysterious. Yes, it is true, we all have different personality but we all have that part most people do not know about. The part that is shadowed by the definition of one’s self. This inspired my theme on this project, shadow of candid street activities.

Photographer: Amado Ergana

Country: Ethiopia

Bio: My name is Amado Ergana. Born and raised in Addis Ababa. I always had a thing for visual art. I did not know about street photography until I started using Instagram and the street has never looked the same again. I enjoy storytelling, I think that is why street photography interested me in the first place. The fact that documenting candid street life of everyday people is what makes me inspired. Beside photography, I enjoy graphic designing and digital illustration.