This «Harsh Light» series is a small tribute to light, shadow, and geometry. Light is defined by a variety of adjectives: strong, blinding, glowing, or spectral. In «Harsh Light» we tell the narrative of a material lighting, which comes in clear contrast to deep shadow and is able to enhance the surrounding environment.
Is light the cause of darkness? Or does darkness contain such rampageous light? The photographer wanted to emphasize the strength of both elements, and in doing so he meticulously researched the urban environment with geometric compositions. In the scene, diagonals are the source of interaction between subjects and lighting. Knowing the technique, and matching it with a proper exposure, the camera captures images where well-defined light and shadow are the subject themselves.
The «Harsh Light» series collects pictures of the last year of Andrea Pozzoni’s street photography. In the author’s eye, highlighting strong contrasted environment is virtually able to open the narrative of an image. The following study has greatly affected the way this photographer perceived the urban scene ever since.


Andrea Pozzoni is an Italian photographer born and raised in Sondrio, Italy. His hometown has always been the place to inspire him the most, and he still finds a certain charm in walking on well-known paths.
Nonetheless, his relationship to street photography and all its nuances is quite recent. Pozzoni’s photography is open to different styles, and as a result, it’s constantly evolving. In his pictures, he tries to convey a sense of isolation and solitude through layout and composition. He looks for light patterns and plays with geometry—in his photographs, diagonals are often the predominant element. Negative space, strong contrast and colours highlight the set of coincidences taking place while shooting street. Simultaneity is the word.