Big City People. It’s hard to believe that someone could feel lonely surrounded by millions of people in an urban metropolis. Cities are too often seen mechanistically, as inanimate clumps of buildings and technology. This eliminates their human nature. Social problems like the loosening of social ties, alienation, poor living conditions, the impersonal and superficial nature of relationships, the division of labor, development of special behavioral codes, competition and exploitation, standardization of social models and the upsurge in technology have all led to a kind of urban isolation. And at first it all feels contradictory, but then you begin to realize it’s just inevitable. The project “Big City People” focuses on the lives of people of all ages, and their simple everyday life, as it is visible inside the city boundaries. The aim has been to isolate small and subtle moments and decode the varied emotions that pass in front of our eyes unnoticed. without necessarily to restrain them but manage to affect our psyche, to embellish our day, and generally to adorn and characterize the “wall” of our life.
The term” human” is totally in conflict with the isolation and contemporary image of a man in the big cities as it is presented today and it is a result of our own actions, our own perception, our own ignorance.

Photographer: Andreas Kamoutsis

Country: Greece

Bio: I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, which now also serves as my professional photographic base, although I do travel extensively, on various photo assignments, throughout the country and abroad.
My primary photographic goal is to capture strong visual elements, such as mystery, feelings, harmony & simplicity. This unique art also exists as an artistic expression of myself, a great field of continuous self – discovery, a path for personal creative fulfillment through the ever-changing vision of this world…