Beach and Carnival. I live in a city with a large urban beach and fantastic carnivals, I like to show in my photos the life of people on the street and in these environments. Photography has released my creativity, intuition and curiosity as if I were still a child.
Photography is the best therapy.

Photographer: Andrés César

Country: Spain

Bio: I am a Spanish street photographer, born in Almería and currently residing in the Canary Islands. His adventures in the world of photography began accidentally three years ago, when he was going through a difficult time with his health and began to look for an activity that could also provide some therapeutic value. Some of my works have been exposed on several occasions locally and worldwide, as some of my photographs have been selected for exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and Israel. I have also been a finalist of the SIPA Contest of Siena 2017 with one of its images in the category of monochrome photography.