The Square Mile in the City of London. As a photographer working for the media often covering stories on how we live in our surroundings, I love that it’s street photography that best allows me to completely immerse myself in the swirl of human activity around me without the need to interfere or manipulate.It gives me the freedom to hunt for that one fleeting moment when everything comes together and combines in that split second to capture something meaningful; from nothing to something. A Moment in time that can communicate the way we humans react with each other and with our urban environments.
I am based near the City of London and it’s that historic, dynamic and ever-changing square mile in the heart of London where I have been doing a lot of my street photography recently.

Photographer: Andy Hall

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: I am a photographer with over 25 yrs of experience working for newspapers, magazines and NGO’s covering news, reportage and portrait features on a variety of subjects, but it is street photography that I love doing the most.
I was one of the winners of the PDN-sponsored Acuity Press “Best of Street Photography 2016”.