My Times, My People. Every age and place have their distinct social, historical and existential characters. Having lived with the trends of street photography over the last few years, I feel a growing feeling inside that the moments that I express, must be rooted in and express the time and place that I live in. When viewed together, ‘my’ moments must express my deeper self and my interpretation of the time and place that I live in. I have been trying a few street-documentaries of late on social themes that appeal to me, but not with much success yet. This collection is partly a result of such thoughts which may have been able to reveal, often through metaphors, the time and place that I live in.

Photographer: Aniruddha Guha Sarkar

Country: India

Bio: I am an Engineer by education, an IT Services professional by profession and a learning photo-artist by passion. I am a part of the top management in an American software company in New Delhi and have spent many years around the world working for global IT Services companies.
After having spent decades in glass offices around the world (I lived in Munich and London for a few years in the 90s and travel abroad frequently even now), the call inside to do much more than ‘technological and managerial nothingness’ became too strong around 4 years back. Since then I spend a few hours every weekend, regardless of which part of the world I am in, walking around in new surroundings amongst new people to experience and express life in its most raw form. Street Photography gives me the means to express such new experiences.