Sleeper Class. Through my project Sleeper Class, I wanted to immerse people in the world of the lower middle class of Indian trains. A contrasting universe that alternates, for tens of hours, isolation and cohabitation between individuals forming an incredible range of traditions, statutes and religions whose differences sometimes tend towards antagonism.
I tried to photograph the sleeper Class as I experienced it, an environment that allows me to be closer to Indian people, close enough to glimpse the incredible richness of this society that I will always learn about. I like to observe the details that usually pass over by most pedestrians, I also try to have some visual appeal using color as an important element in the compositions.

Photographer: Antoni Lallican

Country: France

Bio: Antoni Lallican is a French photographer born in 1988 in Paris.
After working as an office executive for several years, he has radically changed his way of life through his first long travel in 2015. Seeking meetings and adventures, he also discovered his passion for photography through the incredible human interactions made possible by his camera.

He has since decided to dedicate his career to photography with a focus on portraits of people made in their real-time environment.