From a Distance. Observing people from a distance, you have the feeling that you are distancing, becoming objective … free! It’s like having a fuller picture of the moving area.
“Freedom is, that you can have some distance from others” – Friedrich Nietzsche

COUNTRY | Greece

BIO | I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Now I live in Athens.
I deal with photography (I would say systematically) since 2012, since then I was “absorbing” … with Information Technology!
I have attended many seminars and have taken part in group exhibitions and competitions.
I actively participate in several photographic groups, where I have learned and I am still learning!
Photography is for me all the things that I do not want to forget at the moment I see them, in the space where I am found, I move, I listen and I observe…
It cannot be objective, but it can be a constant reminder that the world is not what we are seeing.
It is creation, communication, narration.
It is, in other words, this undefined and unclear that leads you to a personal approach to what you see, read or hear and try to analyze without ever being able to do it.
I like making stories like a “fairy-tale” of photography (finding the right angle), because, as Ansel Adams says, “You do not just take a picture with the camera. When you photograph “you carry” with you all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. ”
I often think that if I had the gift of writing a poem or a fairytale, a story in general then, I would be unlikely to photograph (maybe..).
An important part of the photo I consider to be emotion, narrative and not its technique.
I am not identifying myself in a particular kind of photography and I do not believe in photographic segregations … .. in categorization. The power of a photo is to “incorporate” all the … “accusations”.