«Street Coincidences» is a series of images collected from the author in more than one country, and they all speak with their distinct voice. The concept around the project is to represent and depict how circumstances—events without any apparent causal connection with one another—are linked together. The perception of those moments is entirely up to us, and most people in the modern world are too busy to notice them. The author aims for us to stop, to think and reflect, and eventually to see what we are missing daily. In full accord with the main idea of the series, the photographer’s style allows a subtle irony to emerge from every picture, highlighting humorous details and glimpses out of the corner of our eyes. The truthfulness and honesty of the casual connections make each image even more plausible. The overall project is an accurate depiction of the ordinary strangeness of life. «Street Coincidences» is still an ongoing series, as it is never possible to stop looking around, waiting for the perfect match.


Arez Prod is an Italian street photographer based in west-central Italy and currently living in Pisa, a city best known for its Leaning Tower. Street photography has always been his greatest passion, and his body of work shows how much this occupation is present in his life.
During the last few years, he documented the reality of Italian cities wandering through every street corner and waiting for the pictures to compose before his camera. One of his main themes is trying to connect the urban environment to the human presence through photography, crafting physical interrelations while delivering new meanings to the subjects. In his pictures details have a poignant importance, being the focus of the image as well as its setting, giving context to the frame while taking it away.