“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo Da Vinci. The series we’re exploring today is a tribute to the artist and an ode to the XV century pioneer. «Sophisticated simplicity» is a photography series focusing on the harmony of geometry and composition.
Minimal urbanism is the word: shapes, colours and lines are rationalised to the point that they do not seem to belong to this world anymore. By making an over-simplified photograph, Armando Capochiani aims to awake an emotional response by producing a unique visual experience. Elements and composition are to be kept at a minimum — it is not the photographer but the viewer’s task to expose the project’s goal.
«Sophisticated simplicity» is a visual research wanting to expose and reflect on how many redundancies surround us and how they can be handled differently. “Less is more,” and in this case, fewer compositing layers means more accessing doors to a universal meaning.


Armando Capochiani, known as Deeno, is an Italian photographer and renowned executive chef. Since his early years, he manifested a strong passion for arts and architecture, even though his family prompted him in pursuing a different path. He then attended the Hotel Management School while he began his career in many restaurants on the Italian Riviera, learning with great enthusiasm. After graduating, he decided to travel the world to expand and refine his culinary knowledge by learning about different food cultures and techniques.
Capochiani’s love for photography came only later on. Around five years ago, with the practical need of showing his culinary creations to restaurant managers, he started taking pictures of his dishes. Thanks to photography, he found his passion for the arts again. Inspiration comes from every input, from paintings as well as his work. His life motto can be summed in a few words: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.