This is a series of street work done by Ashok Verma while working as a full-time photojournalist at a major media house in Dubai, UAE.


Ashok Verma was born and raised in Delhi, India. While his parents would have liked him to become a doctor, his passion for the arts manifested itself from an early age.
His inclination and passion for the arts led him to take up photography with the sole dream of establishing himself as an advertising and fashion photographer. Without a mentor and without experience, a long struggle was inevitable. Immense faith, strong dreams and an instinct to never give up drove him to make his way in the industry. Worked with top advertising agencies, models, designers, art directors, magazines, stylists, make-up artists and production houses in India and abroad.
In 2007-08, he switched from advertising and fashion photography to photojournalism: the same camera made him see things differently. Photojournalism led him to a new passion, street photography, about three years ago. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the challenge became to do street photography to produce world-class work. He bought a mirrorless camera with a small fixed lens just for street work. He made sure to produce at least one photo a day. His mantra is ‘unlearn to learn more’. He currently does street photography with advertising and fashion work as his mainstay.

“I share what I learn and never hesitate to ask what I don’t know”.