AMORica Latina. Since 2013, Aurélien Ernst travelled extensively to South America in order to achieve his main project entitled “AMORica Latina”.
From the small villages of Cuba to the Brazilian megacities, the human aspect remains essential in his artistic approach. He respects the everyday environment of its populations from which emerges an authentic atmosphere.
The series of photos below are part of this project.

Photographer: Aurélien Ernst

Country: Luxembourg

Bio: Passionate by street art since his youngest age, Aurélien Ernst is a 27 years old photographer from Luxembourg, living in Belgium. In 2010, he founded SKAFF (meaning a strong intensity of love in Luxembourgish street slang), which is a label specialised in capturing humans in their environment.
To do so, Aurélien surfs between street photography, portrait and documentary photography. He works occasionally in Europe, where he had among others covered the terrorist attacks of Brussels in 2016, but his main work field is in South America.
Since its beginning, the founder of SKAFF photographed hundreds of strangers, always with the same passion and the eager to learn about our society.