Coney Island. These pictures are part of a long term project on Coney Island, the most famous amusement area in Brooklyn, New York.
Coney island fully represents the American democratic mentality, it welcomes people of every race, social class and gender. It’is a colorful place where I breathe the sense of freedom in the deepest sense of the word.
The fascinating history of this place and the people who populate it today bring me in an almost cinematic dimension for the lights, the colors and the locations.

Photographer: Barbara Di Maio

Country: Italy

Bio: I am an Italian freelance photographer. Photography has always been part of my life since I was a little girl. I won a Documentary Photography Scholarship at the School of Photography in Rome then I attended several workshops at the ICP in New York City and with internationally renowned photographers. My main interest is social and anthropological photography. My attention and my gaze goes to the little things of everyday life. I shoot more photos with my eyes rather than with my camera. I find myself observing human beings on the street very often and I am always tremendously fascinated by them. I can not help but capture those wonderful moments of life passing by my eyes especially when it’s the light itself to draw those magic unrepeatable moments.