Dérives (Drifts) | Dérives (Drifts) refers to Phychogeographical Walking.
I’ve always loved wandering through city streets and exploring the sights and areas of a city, uncovering spots I wouldn’t otherwise come across. It actually feels soothing; it also gets my creativity flowing. It’s something wonderful about seeing cities change, people of different cultures walking around, discovering some of the bleaker sides of a city. Being on the street, you sort of feel like you’re a part of the city. Studies show that walking can influence your thinking, clear your mind, inspire creativity and evoke positive emotions.
Walking is an easy and free way to explore your city, any city. Therefore, communities should support walking by well-connected sidewalks and paths, more inviting streets, and help make our cities more walkable. I hope this project will encourage people to walk.
In this work, I wanted to express my all-time strong desire to travel and explore the world. The series mostly presents passers-by sculpted out of dark areas and deep shadows, filled with light and color, as a way to show that human beings are more important that building materials, possessions, and many other things.
My work is candid, a result of my wanderings and random encounters in the streets.
“Dérives” project is an ongoing project and working on it made me realised that the more I document people and cities, the more I feel alive.

COUNTRY | Greece

BIO | Betty is a street photographer, founder/editor of CUT and DRY, and a member of the Photographic Circle Collective. She holds a Business Administration and Marketing Degree. “An economist by trade turned to a passionate photographer by choice. I’m an adventurous spirit with a camera in hand! What I photograph is defined by what I believe in”. Betty Manousos is primarily oriented to Street and Social Documentary Photography. Ever since she started Street photography, she was drawn to the high contrast work of Daido Moriyama. Also, her significant influence is from the movies. She brings her movie influences into her photography to create a style which is emotively dramatic, mysterious and insightful. By making use of minimal amounts of whites and mid-tones, a lot of deep blacks and shadows, Betty creates her black and white photos. She captures scenes of street life and urban environments and has recently turned to the use of color.
Her photographs have been published in print and digital magazines such as BTB Magazine and various photo-related sites.
Awards: 2019 Honorable mention Street, People category One Shot Street Competition IPA – International Photography Awards 2019. 2018 Honorable mention Self Promotion category IPA – International Photography Awards 2018.
Projects: Derives (Drifts) Ongoing project. The Last Goodbye project.