The other city. In general, a street photographer will highlight the ability to capture the moment… but for me It’s a little bit different.
These photographs are the final result of something that I consider much more valuable: the skill to capture “The Other City”.
Pedestrians with their monotony lives walk like zombies, blinded by a world of smartphones and consumerism, oblivious to a world of coincidences, colors and unrepeatable expressions. Unique images in which a Christmas tree become a party hat, two jets of water on the ground appear to be two untied laces, or a beggar spends his dead hours watching the ostentatious histories of the “HELLO” magazine.
Maybe you will not find an apparent and definite conductive thread, technical meticulousness, or mystical depth in the pictures, but somehow they represent the beauty of observing (not seeing), the beauty of everyday life in the city.

Photographer: Bricks

Country: Spain

Bio: Madrid. 1983.
I’m David Fidalgo, also knows as “Bricks” in the Street Photography scene. I always loved to take photographs, but I started to shot Street Photography 4 years ago with a Nikon 1 camera. After trying several camera systems, now I shoot with a Fujifilm X100F compact camera which is perfect for me.
I’m the CoFounder of lacalleesnuestra.com, which is at the moment the most important Street Photo Collective for the Spanish community. Also, I have my own website, so if you want to see more of my work, type: bricksstreetphotography.com.