BULB Collective. The BULB Collective has been founded in January 2015 by Michail Moscholios after an Open Day held in Bucharest. Since 2015 the collective has widen its geographical scope and it presently consists of 51 photographers from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus, active in urban (and rural) photography with an expressive shift to include highly aesthetic and poetic images in their assignments. They share the same vision but not the same perspective which gives the necessary “polyphony” in their extremely ambitious endeavor to cover all the aspects of the Balkan neorealism.

Their visual signatures aspire to create iconic images and to be the best in metamorphosing and interpreting all aspects of life in this highly contradictory and fascinating part of the world. The BULB Collective holds projects in the Balkans and beyond, exhibitions in European galleries, assignments in cooperation with foreign and local Photo Clubs, workshops, residential seminars, publishes photobooks etc.
In 4 years, among other projects, BULB published two over 100-page books, held numerous international exhibitions and organized 4 editions of the PhoS Street Photography Days (www.phos.site)


MEMBERS | Alexander Stanishev, Bogdan Comisel, Cristina-Mina Dalea, Diana Maria, Eleni Rimantonaki, George Tsilis, Ioannis Stamatogiannis, László-Tibor Olah, Leontina Chiricioiu, Liubomir Skumov, Makis Makris, Martin Iliev, Michail Moscholios, Mihai Andrei, Mihai Ciama, Nikos Konidaris, Panagiotis Kalkavouras, Pavel Vesnakov, Penko Skumov, Ploutarcos Haloftis, Polyvios Kosmatos, Raluca Furtună, Raul Timis, Sebastian Gruia, Stavros Stamatiou, Stela Patrulescu, Stoyan Nikolaev, Svilen Nachev, Szilvia Illes, Tasos Biris, Tsiolis Alexandros, Ventsislav Lalev, Yiota Tsokou.

Alexander Stanishev

Alexander Stanishev Web

Bogdan Comisel

Bogdan Comisel Web 1200x800

Cristina-Mina Dalea

Cristina Mina Dalea Web 1200x800

Diana Maria

Diana Maria Web 1200x900

Eleni Rimantonaki

Eleni Rimantonaki Web 1200x800

George Tsilis

George Tsilis Web 1200x799

Ioannis Stamatogiannis

Ioannis Stamatogiannis Web 1200x800

László-Tibor Olah

László Tibor Olah Web 1200x800

Leontina Chiricioiu

Leontina Chiricioiu Web 1200x800

Liubomir Skumov

Liubomir Skumov Web 1200x800

Makis Makris

Makis Makris Web 1200x800

Martin Iliev

Martin Iliev Web 1200x800

Michail Moscholios

Michail Moscholios Web 1200x800

Mihai Andrei

Mihai Andrei Web 1200x800

Mihai Ciama

Mihai Ciama Web 1200x800

Nikos Konidaris

Nikos Konidaris Web 1200x800

Panagiotis Kalkavouras

Panagiotis Kalkavouras Web 1200x795

Pavel Vesnakov

Pavel Vesnakov Web 1200x800

Penko Skumov

Penko Skumov Web 1200x800

Ploutarcos Haloftis

Ploutarcos Haloftis Web 1200x803

Polyvios Kosmatos

Polyvios Kosmatos Web 1200x800

Raluca Furtună

Raluca Furtună Web 1200x800

Raul Timis

Raul Timis Web 1200x795

Sebastian Gruia

Sebastian Gruia Web 1200x800

Stavros Stamatiou

Stavros Stamatiou Web 1200x795

Stela Patrulescu

Stela Patrulescu Web 1200x797

Stoyan Nikolaev

Stoyan Nikolaev Web 796x1200

Svilen Nachev

Svilen Nachev Web 1200x797

Szilvia Illes

Szilvia Illes Web 1200x800

Tasos Biris

Tasos Biris Web 1200x900

Tsiolis Alexandros

Tsiolis Alexandros Web 1200x800

Ventsislav Lalev

Ventsislav Lalev Web 1200x800

Yiota Tsokou

Yiota Tsokou Web 800x1200