What happens when you find yourself in foreign countries to document specific happenings of life around you? «Candid» is a collection of images that aims to tell us just that. What is interesting about this collection of photographs is that they were never meant to be together. All pictures were taken during photo assignments unrelated to each other. However, they offer a complex and insightful view of people from all over the world.
«Candid» represents the pictures that often did not make the cut for newspaper covers because they illustrate a narrative that is quite different from the story Carl de Souza was covering directly. That is to say, each and every photograph included in this series is a moment of candid Street Photography that needed to find a home in another context. Therefore, unchained from their main stories, we chose to include them today to create a new and perhaps different interpretation of narrative when viewed separately.


Carl de Souza is a British Street Photographer and photojournalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Growing up, he knew he always wanted to be a photographer since he was 12 years old. Over time, his style has evolved into what we can see today. He is focused on exploring subtle gradients of colour in his photographs and adding humour in an uncontrived way.
As a photojournalist, photography is also a way to highlight serious issues. Political and cultural situations all over the world raise a major interest in Carl de Souza: being able to see “that yin and yang” is quite relevant to make sense of and celebrate what we document in life. De Souza is currently working on a series focusing on Rio de Janeiro’s extreme contrasts in the city, which is also going to be his main project for the near future.