City Shapes. “City Shapes” is a project where I present to you the city of London through my eyes. “The most captivating aspect of art is its ability to transform and when I dive into a photograph of Coelho, I see a city completely different from the one I see every day. Here is the magic of the art and the eye of this young photographer, capable of capture and show me the city of the individual. That city of which daily we appropriate our routines, but it goes unnoticed before our eyes. A city rich in architecture and geometry, overpopulated of matter, but solitary in spirit. Observing a Coelho’s photograph is to enter the metropolis of all but in no one’s city. A photograph that allows me to contemplate the harmony and the intimate dialogue between architecture and individual, but It’s also a photograph that reminds me that I am different, that I am a foreigner. An image that has allowed me to see the “individualism“ of the metropolis in a way that was unknown to me and has made me recognize myself as a heterogeneous individual of a Society.”

Photographer: Carlos Coelho

Country: Portugal

Bio: In September of 2016 I bought my first camera and I discovered photography. Since then I started to study by myself and to photograph more and more. I’m currently living in London, where I continue to pursue my career as a photographer and artist.