Abstraction at source. Abstraction is all around us in everyday life. It does not depict reality but lives within reality co-existing alongside us. We are conditioned from an early age to accept what is in front of us, we are even taught how to describe it using all six senses. I look to gently unravel the preconditioned visual acceptance and softly reveal the hidden beauty, that has been there all along. It is truth in one of its forms and is abstraction at source.
Edition 2018 Out Of The Phone, Paris

COUNTRY | United Kingdom

BIO | Caroline de Bertodano is a documentary & street photographer that believes in truth in all its forms and no labels. Trained in music and Art History & worked in Modern Art for 12 years. Became a photographer at 37 whilst living in Japan for 3 years. Worked as a photojournalist. Raised a family. Caroline is now a documentary photographer. Her work is in collections worldwide.
“There is a place I go behind a lens where I disappear. I have no real idea of how or what I do if it feels right, I shoot. There is untold peace & courage in that space, where there is truth in all its forms”