«Meantime» is a photography series that focuses on the universality and the uncertainty of all things. The missing piece of each photograph is to be found within the narrative itself.
In this series, we observe the photographer’s lens witnessing unusual encounters, rich in colours and very theatrical. Every scene transports the viewer into a parallel world slowly unveiling to the outsider’s eye. What outstandingly emerges from the project as a whole is the research of beautifully composed urban sceneries. Colours and shapes of the inhabited world blend in front of our eyes, leaving room only for the astonishment coming from the truthfulness of the scenes.
«Meantime» tells the stories which have just happened, or are about to happen. Sometimes, the gateway to the photographs’ meaning is missing, and other times it is right in front of us. Whatever is going on, Caspar Claasen makes sure it will not remain unnoticed, nor undisclosed.


Caspar Claasen is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He has a background in the Art and Design field. Photography has accompanied him throughout difficult times, but it is only recently that it has become a tool to explore a more personal dimension. He is highly fascinated by the relationships that occur amongst people and their surroundings, where an ordinary object or place is invisible until photographed. An everyday moment is a short story when framed, more so if it is candid and unstaged.
Claasen developed a more poetic and less dogmatic view on photography, and now he is taking pictures of everything capable of raising his interest. He has the ability to make things appear somewhat surreal, meaningful, aesthetic or humorous, at his own will, and is thrilled when he succeeds in doing this, he says. In the last years, he published his first book, “Even Firemen”.