Introspection as fairy tale. A series of photos taken in Vama Veche, Romania, during last year. I do like as a photographer and as a painter to combine expressionism with surrealist elements. I do like to explore all the possibilities of a scene and to avoid realism, to try not to picture the exterior of things but the spiritual side of it. “Introspection as Fairy Tale” is a project in which I tried to think and act in photography as a child on the playground, to put all the rules aside and let my imagination do it’s thing.

COUNTRY | Romania

BIO | Hi, my name is Catalin Strugaru, I am a visual artist. I do like painting as much as I love photography, and as I’m trying to keep these two as separate as possible, I know, and I feel like I am doing the same thing no matter of what meaning of expression I am using: drawing the life surrounding me in my own, personal way. I was born in 1976 and I’m presently living in Costantza, Romania. I started my career as a self-taught painter and in 2015, driven by the desire to validate my practice by studies, I started to attend the local Art Colege. Always on the lookout for new creations, I travel with my camera to find various landscapes and live scenes, portraits or simple objects. Out of these hundreds of photos, emerge a few favorites that awaken all my senses. Back in my studio, impregnated by the atmosphere and the mood that prevailed when the shot was taken, I revive the moment according to my inspiration.