«Paris unconfined» is a project that embodies perfectly the struggles of thousands, due to the current situation we found ourselves in. After two months of confinement in his one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Paris—without any window overlooking the streets—the author felt the need to go out and take photographs. Street photography takes place on the streets, and it can be hard to shut this world down all of a sudden. With this project, Cedric Roux wanted to impress on camera how life can become “normal” again on those streets he had missed so much. People slowly return to their daily life in a brand new world, one where social distancing, sanitary barriers, and masks have become the accepted norm even during the hot summertime.
«Paris unconfined» is a way of witnessing this situation and being present to it. A desire for human connection emerges from the overall project, but at the same time, there is a complete fear of it. The series finds a way to mediate the two, observing the world as we are living an extraordinary period.


Cedric Roux is a French photographer based in Paris. His first experience with street photography is tied to New York City, in which he started to familiarise with the act and the concept of street photography. It was a much-needed episode to overcome his former shyness and dare to start taking photographs of people in the streets. Since that day, he keeps on photographing, working on series and projects around his daily life and occasional journeys.
He is now a member of Fragment Photo Collective, a photography group born as a way to communicate and react to the surrounding world through series drawn from street and documentary photography. He also has been highlighted and exhibited in Leica stores.