Paucartambo. The road to Paucartambo (Cusco, Peru) is filled with worshipers every July 15. Year after year, the children of Carmen Mamacha become one to represent, during three days, the Andean authority transformed into dance and pilgrimage. The comparsas take to the streets to pay homage to the Virgin with mythological representations.
While the surreal and the real merge; melancholic songs cloud the streets. The boom of the party, the dance, the colors, the costumes, the food, the alcohol and the noise turn sinister. The sun falls and the dances fail to please and are wrapped in a ceremonial mystic. Sinners seek forgiveness and redemption. In the morning, the saqras (demons) are chosen from the virgin. They challenge religion. Here everyone will arrive when the virgin decides.
In this project, the joy and the macabre coexist in a world where day and night have opened innumerable roads. Reality and divinity are perfectly related in the feast of the Virgen del Carmen.

Photographer: Cesar Campos

Country: Perù

Bio: Peruvian photographer, documentary filmmaker and collaborator with Peruvian international media.