Paris Color. It’s a series or a work I started a year ago in Paris. I used to do black and white before, but I wanted to tell Paris in colour. I always liked colour photography but found it rather difficult to tackle.
Then why don’t you try it?

“Paris will always be Paris. What else do you want him to do? ”
Frédéric Dard

Photographer: Chatel Hervé

Country: France

Bio: I like the image and the urban environment.
I love everything you can see in the heart of a city and on the periphery of this anthill. His heart beats and feeds his arteries which fill and empty themselves according to time and its activity. It is therefore natural that I am passionate about street photography.

In 2016, after 20 years in graphic design, I decided to turn professionally towards photojournalism and documentary photography.
I do a reconversion by integrating the Emi-Cfd in Paris.
After the intensive 6 months of training, I become a member of the Studio Hans Lucas and The GASP Collective.
A few weeks later, I was awarded the trophy Paris Match Grand-prix photo reportage 2017.
I dedicate myself entirely to photography: Whether it is documentary photography or photojournalism and street photography will always be at the center of my DNA.
I like to show and meet the human, which touches me are the subjects on the fields of health, service and exclusion, ecology and urban, everything that seems to me to be extraordinary in our daily newspaper.