Chu Viet Ha was not born in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, but it is there that he studied and lived until today. He loves the city, and through photography he wants to capture the moments of his life, the streets he crosses, the people he meets on his way. For him, each photo is a story, a memory of every moment of his life. In his project “Hanoi 365 days” he paints the city in all its nuances, for a 360-degree immersion that seeks to capture every facet of this metropolis.


Chu Viet Ha was born in 1987. He graduated from Hanoi University of Architecture and currently works for a construction company in Hanoi.
He approached street photography 4 years ago. For him, street photography is not just a hobby, but rather a great passion. It helps him communicate with the world around him simply with his camera, and through this, he can understand his position and role in society.
His photos have been exhibited, published and printed in several magazines. One of his exhibitions is “Like a life” with the book titled “Like a life”, sponsored by Nest by AIA, held in August 2016 in Hanoi. Currently, he participates in teaching workshops on street photography in Vietnam.