On a road trip through the Panamerica from Seattle to Ushuaia, I want to capture in photography the dogs along the road, along my road.
Most of them are street dogs, a few have an owner but overall most of them hang out free in the streets. I hope that through my pics of the dogs in each region/country I am driving through, you can have a glimpse of the feel of the places. The back ground is always as important as the principal subject to understand fully an image. Street photography mixed with dog photography plus a trip along the americas: my playground is endless!!
*this is an ongoing project, for now, those pics are from the streets of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Salvador.

Photographer: Clotilde Richalet Szuch

Country: France

Bio: Clotilde Richalet Szuch is a French photographer; after studying photography and art history in Paris, she specialized in dog photography and worked for different magazines and international dog show around the world. A book of her work was published in 2011 called: World Dog Show Tour. In addition, she works for film festivals in France, in particular, the Cannes Film Festival since 2005.
Traveling is a big part of her world, after spending 5 years in Singapore she exhibited her work about Woman in south-east Asia in different art galleries in Singapore. Now onto the Americas and back to Dogs!