LONDON 2006 - 2018

As a photographer, Damian Chrobak especially enjoys exploring and observing everyday life. The situations that capture his attention often combine different elements of space, gestures, and relationships between subjects on the street or elsewhere. In other words, he believes that each image can tell an individual, layered story.
This selection of images dates from 2006-2018, when he lived in London. At that time he did not work in a project format, but rather sought out moments of everyday life that spoke to him and recorded them daily. Later he began to explore his archive and connect these images into a narrative. Looking at it in perspective, it is a documentation of life in the city for over a decade.


Damian Chrobak was born in Poland and studied at the Warsaw Academy of Photography. Later, he moved to London and enrolled at the London College of Communication, where he learned about Street Photography and found his vision by walking the streets and capturing everyday life. After 20 years of living and working in London, he moved to Kaunas, Lithuania, and is currently studying at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic.