The Central America Story. I have chosen a selection of 10 street photography images that were taken over the course of 3 months and 8 different countries, whilst I travelled through Central America.
The countries visited were: México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá.
Often portrayed in the media as one of the most dangerous areas in the world today, my selection of images has aimed to show a more softer, coherent and joyous side to Central America – a reflection of my personal experience whilst out there.
These 10 images are set out to document: vibrancy, family, tourism, youth and the normal everyday life that, just like other parts of the world, the inhabitants live.

Photographer: Dan Ginn

Country: England

Bio: Dan Ginn is a London based Street Photographer, with the main focus on colour and simplicity.
He has had his work international published through exhibitions, magazines and photo books. Dan is also a published writer, having written for several photographic organizations where he often talks about his journey through Street Photography.