An American Tale. A dive into the American streets, wandering in the chaos, voices and hot traffic lights.
A storm full of tales, faces, past and present down to your feet.
Young or old identities, I wanted to capture every single detail and hidden smell, left by their passage.
Every person that observe one of my pics, they have to think about a tale, I don’t wanna declare the true story, I let people imagine.
My eye on true beauty during my 2017 trip in USA.

Photographer: Daniele Dainelli

Country: Italy

Bio: Daniele Dainelli approached the world of photography in the winter of 2012, when he bought his first reflex camera just for fun, as almost everyone does. His focus is on street photography, since Florence offers some of the most beautiful settings ( and faces ) in the world.
He started to discover the pleasure of wandering in the cities of the world, catching with his eye, every kind of possible beauty.
He toured lots of Europe nations and USA bringing back some important photographic project.