Elias Gym. Elias, a 28-year-old fitness and martial arts guy from Adwa, Ethiopia, finally made his DIY gym out of a garage in 2013, after many years working as a driver and mechanic.
Besides being a dream come true, the gym today is a reference and meeting place for many troubled guys, who spend there most of the day rather than in the street.

Photographer: Daniele Stefanizzi

Country: Italy

Bio: Daniele Stefanizzi is a photographer born in Bologna and raised in Lecce, Italy. His passion for photography dates back to his university years and he cultivated it during his travels across the world. In 2013 he attended a course at the Shoot Institute in Bologna and then kept participating in several workshops throughout Italy. He is mainly interested in social and reportage photography and his works have been published by many magazines and awarded in national and international contests.