Jericho is a Palestinian city in the West Bank that is claimed to be the oldest city in the world. Located at about -250 below sea level, in the Dead Sea Depression, it is also the lowest city on the planet. In this photographic project, Dante Sisofo depicts everyday life in the Palestinian refugee camp Aqabat Jaber from 2017-2018. From the conflict to the playful moments, he explores the complexities of life along the border between Israel and the West Bank. He applies the approach of both documentary and street photography in his practice and his ultimate goal is to continue to explore the world and travel to new places, as wanderlust is the fuel of his passion.


Dante Sisofo is a 25 year old street photographer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His passion for photography began in 2016 when he was studying photography in University. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and was awarded first place in the Miami Street Photography Photo Slam in 2016, judged by Martin Parr. In 2018, he also received a scholarship to learn under Magnum Photographer, Alex Webb. He also studied in Jerusalem, Israel, at Hebrew University. Every weekend, in his free time, he would take the bus from Jerusalem to Jericho to take pictures. Upon graduating in 2018, he returned to Jericho and lived with a Palestinian family. This influenced him to join the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Zambia, Africa in 2019. Due to Covid-19, he was evacuated from Zambia and is now living in his hometown, Philadelphia, that is the perfect playground for photography as the city is a vibrant and full of life place.