Fragments of Sight. Photos from a collection of street photos i’ve been working on. My work is unposed, I go for form and colour instinctively and like to crowd subjects in if I can.

Photographer: Darran K Roper

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: I’m from Birmingham originally moved to Reading in 2000. I’m an outsider; somehow I’m always on the periphery and due to that it seemed very natural to just photograph, life as it happened around me. Somewhere along the way, this side interest began to takeover and now I see myself and life clearer through the still image.
I believe There is beauty in the simplest of things and the most unlikely places, we are so awash with seeing, that every moment moves into the next without concern. Photography becomes a sort of search and rescue mission. I’ve become compelled to photograph not as a documenter but as an explorer.