Deb Bonney


«Fragments of Consciousness» is an exploration of the relationship between the darkness of our dreams and everyday reality. Layered pictures unfold before the viewer, which are indeed very open to reveal themselves and their narratives to a more attentive eye. Primary shapes lay a strong contrast against the background, and this unbalance between the elements creates a sharp tension that expands and dominates every photograph.
In these pictures, we can witness more of a feeling instead of subsequent actions. These photographs are perfectly extracted from their contexts, placed into a series, and given a collective voice. Their meaning and aim is to assert and express the state of uncertainty that affects every human being. «Fragments of Consciousness» is still an ongoing project that the author is planning to develop further—hopefully with no end date.


Deb Bonney is an Australian photographer who started shooting street photography approximately ten years ago. She began exploring this medium after doing a short course in film photography, and since then her style evolved with time. She shot colour, film, and more recently black and white has had its appeal in her photographic research. After studying many of the great street photographers, learning through books and doing a couple of street photography workshops, three years ago she decided to throw all the rules out the window. Her photography now aims to catch what is relevant for the photographer only, and that has been liberating.
Right now, she is currently having a small break from the black and white, since the Summer months in Australia are so bright and full of colours. She will go back to the black and white when the weather turns bad again, with fewer colours and more depth to add to the images.