Stolen Moments. Moments are vital in photography so as timing. As a Photographer, we need reflex action which comes through practice. We observe various moments everyday everywhere within our vicinity. Each moment consists of a thousand moments but which one will be seized is a photographer’s call. I personally try to freeze moments which are very personal with respect to the subjects present in the frame. It could be a decisive moment or not but that moment has its significance with respect to the subject. It could be anything like happiness or sadness but that separates the subject from the rest. Showcasing some of my work on “Stolen Moments”.

Photographer: Debrani Das

Country: India

Bio: I am Debrani Das, a street photographer from Kolkata,India. My street photography journey has started 1.5 years ago. I love being on street and capture those unseen and magical moments which are unpredictable and candid. I am one of the curators of Facebook group “World Photographic Forum” and curator of the Instagram account #worldphotographicforum. My works have featured in National Geographic, Chiiz magazine, Instagram pages etc.