As the series’ title reveals, today’s focus is finding visual correspondences in subjects of different nature. How can events without apparent connection be linked together in the same picture?
In the «Coincidence Project» series, the photographer found hidden parallelisms and amusing combinations that make you look at every picture twice—or even three times in a row. What is clear is that photographs rely on simultaneity to reveal their truth and tell you a whole new story about an everyday situation. Otherwise unnoticed, uncanny compositions spark a different outlook to usual daily scenes.
This «Coincidence Project» series aims to highlight the outstanding in the mundane by making us all shift our perspective. By playing with perspective and scale, the photographer created juxtapositions and made opposite subjects interact. Through coincidences built up from disconnected elements, the resulting pictures are seemingly otherwordly. Imaginary ties bond what should have been two distinct settings into one. Suddenly, duality disappears and leaves space for unity. The «Coincidence Project» is a series started in late 2012 and still ongoing up to date.


Denis Cherim is a Romanian-born self-taught photographer who has now lived in Spain for over 20 years. His artistic journey started at a very young age. Only a child, he moved first to Istanbul, Turkey, and shortly after that to Madrid, Spain, where he found a vibrant and colourful city to explore.
Curious by nature, photography was a perfect ally to his adventures in discovering new worlds and questioning the conventional answers to life questions. Through the years, he learnt how to tell the story of our not-always-impressive reality by developing his personal photography style and language. This courageous point of view led him to craft complex photography projects and participate in hundreds of art contests and residencies. His photography has now become a statement to express his understanding of the world, society and art.