Diego Fedele


The circuit of the five stations of Melbourne’s Central Business District, also known as City Loop, gave the photographer a path to follow to build «The City Loop» series. Southern Cross, Melbourne Central, and Flinders street are some among Melbourne’s most famous landmarks, where both tourists and locals happen to blend. While revealing different lights and specific corners and situations, the author worked into creating a superficial tension that appears to lead the viewer on a journey. In reality, the project’s life lies beneath the same path and stops, walked around over and over.
«The City Loop» series mirrors spontaneous moments happening on the streets of Melbourne. The photographer recalls having started the project without a specific purpose upon his arrival in the city, where he wondered on the same streets whenever he could. A year later there was a turning point: having the title figured out, the whole series slowly started to take shape. It became the author’s way out of the loop.


Diego Fedele is an Italian photographer who is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Since he was a child, he recalls walking on the street by himself as a daily need and personal satisfaction. Today, it does not matter wherever he goes, nor whomever he walks with—he brings his camera to record time and moments in the streets.
Back in Italy, he was a contributor for a photojournalistic agency. His work has been featured in several national and international journals. As a street photographer, he was chosen to be in the final selection of the Siena International Photo Awards 2020, Miami street photography festival 2019, and Aussie street photography 2019. He is also a member of the photography collective Through The Lands.