“Meditation on Colour” is a photographic project that seeks to investigate every aspect of this often underestimated characteristic of matter. The nature of colour is abstract. It does not have any form and it is form that gives it a body, allowing us to measure and define it. The nature of form is being substantive, measurable. It gives the mind the impression of separation and limitation. This is our current general perception of the world: a limited, objectified existence. When form objectifies colour, colour will be rendered as having not more than the quality of the form that which is to be fixed in a specific pattern. And then, descriptive. However, Colour tends from the material back to its natural abstract “beingness”, without form. The friction from the two opposing aspects, form and colour, the tendency to limit and the one towards abstraction, to embody and to release, gives them both energy, direction and most of all expression. The energy of colour is chaotic since its nature is to not occupy any form. Therefore colour as a phenomenon is intimately correlated to the impulse, to the instinctual, to the unconscious. And depending on how it’s being conveyed visually it has the potential to bring us to that primordial state of being before any of our thought measuring which will rather give a feeling of being separate and finite. So to observe its nature, to relate to it, is to better understand our tendencies and compulsions. When the mind moves with colour, it moves with a new dimension altogether, unshaped, unformed but with the sense of being part of something immeasurable, with a wholeness, and the free state that lies therein.


Dragos-Radu Dumitrescu is a photographer from Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, and subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnology. In 2011 he attended several photography courses, in particular the “Scoala de Poetica Fotografica Francisc Mraz.” Since then he has been involved in photographic projects and workshops and has performed solo and group exhibitions in Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Macedonia and Moldova. For him, photography is not merely a tool of expressing his complete attention to all his surroundings, but a way to observe the whole process of being, of human experience.