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Drew Hopper’s series “West of Somewhere East” has been selected as one of the finalist in the 2022 Eyeshot Open Call series category.

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Drew Hopper

“West of Somewhere East”

In the enthralling ongoing series “West of Somewhere East“, the photographer, Drew Hopper, captures the essence of life in the rugged and expansive Outback Australia. Focusing on the unique sense of place, Hopper presents viewers with an almost mythical and playful glimpse into the Western way of life.

Through his artful compositions and striking imagery, ordinary objects are transformed into meaningful symbols, weaving a visual narrative that reflects the animated and romantic nature of Australia’s vast and untamed interior.

The photographer’s body of work transports the audience to a world often overlooked, revealing the hidden beauty and charm that lies at the heart of the Outback.

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West of somewhere east

A Nostalgic Expedition through the Australian Outback

Having spent a large part of his childhood traveling around Australia in a motorhome with his family, Hopper’s connection to the West runs deep. The sparse, dry, and rugged terrain of the Outback continues to inspire and compel him to further explore this enigmatic region. For Hopper, the camera serves as a powerful tool, granting him exclusive access to his memories and allowing him to retrace and reflect upon his youth.

As Hopper responds subconsciously to the present moments unfolding before him, he captures his surroundings, collecting visual souvenirs of the past. Through his evocative images, Hopper reveals the beauty that lies not only in the empty, still open spaces of the Outback but also in the silence that echoes within.

Drew Hopper’s series “West of Somewhere East” is a testament to the timeless allure of this vast and mysterious land, inviting viewers to join him on a nostalgic journey through the Australian wilderness.

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Open Call Minumal

Eyeshot Magazine #10 | Open Call Edition

This is the tenth issue of Eyeshot Magazine always in limited edition of 500 copies, showcasing the thoughtful and creative photographs of the 70 talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. The artworks were chosen from over 6000 photographssubmitted from more than 100 different countries, making this a truly global showcase of street and documentary photography.

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Drew Hopper

The Photographer

Drew Hopper is an Australian photographer and visual storyteller committed to documenting social, cultural, and environmental stories both nationally and internationally. He received a Diploma in Photography in June 2009 from Australian College (QED) before commencing work in the field as a freelance documentary photographer.

Known for his thought-provoking and in-depth use of narrative, Hopper has photographed multiple feature stories for Australian Geographic, including the front cover of the ‘Black Summer’ issue (2019-2020) on the Australian bushfire crisis.
His curiosity for different ways of living has influenced his desire to travel to new and unfamiliar territories. With a talented eye, he captures intimate imagery and works with humility, respect, and a light footprint.

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Series Category

Eyeshot Open Call 2022: Showcasing Global Talents

The 2022 Eyeshot Open Call saw the submission of over 6.000 photographs by incredibly talented photographers from over 100 different countries. With the participation on an extraordinary jury composed of Marco Savarese, founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot, Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke and Emin Özmen, leading representatives of street and documentary photography scene – Vineet Vohra, Siegfried Hansen, Koci Hernandez , Mark Abramson and Isadora Kosofsky – and winners of the World Press Photo Award – Narelle Autio and Kitra Cahana – these artworks were selected for their visual storytelling, creativity, and style in conveying their unique observations of contemporary reality.

Street and documentary photography feel the urgency to elevate the streets of the world into theaters without requiring humans to perform. In front of each of these images, you can mirror yourself. Or you can also just look at them.


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