3 TO 5

India is a land of sun, colours and life, which thrives from 3 to 5 pm. Drama unfolds when these elements play with each other, and they made the whole project happen. «3 to 5» is an ode to life in every shape.
When Eben Felix gets free from work, he likes playing with different layers and situations in his photographs. With this project, he was able to craft pictures that pose questions rather than provide answers. Every image is candid, and nothing is staged or manipulated. Most of the times, elements may arrange autonomously in ordinary street scenes, and you need to wait until all the components come together.
«3 to 5» is still an ongoing project that the author plans on developing further and creating a body of work to represent his land and people.


Eben Felix is an Indian Street Photographer who picked up his first camera seven years ago. It was a gift, and when first approaching it, he set out to make a movie. It did not take long before he discovered the fascinating world of street photography.
Flashing forward to today, taking photographs for Eben Felix has become a necessity. He only shoots in colour because he loves — as he puts it — the vulgarity of it. In the beginning, the perfect subject to be framed in a photograph was just anything. Walking on the street was the most charming experience, and he would shoot anything interesting. In more recent times, he has become more aware of what he captures with his camera.
When taking street photographs, he does not think of a project or a specific series to follow. The sequencing process happens in retrospect only. Life, like 99% of photographs, is not worth it. But the remaining 1% is beauty, and it makes it a worthwhile experience.