The sound of silence. One of the themes that I constantly photograph is the relation of the urban, capturing the movement, flows both of the city and of the people who compose it at a specific time of action in relation to the displacement between both motives. I wanted something different, to show the way I see the city, that’s why I continued to study independently. When I started with photography I always liked the noise and the movement, something similar to a dream. I have hearing problems and I wanted to reflect this in my photographs, the speed was perfect to demonstrate the noise in a conversation. It is difficult to try to listen to a person in the city.
I represent the noise with the blur in the image and the focus with what I can hear. One of the songs that inspired me for all this was “The sound of silence” by Disturb.

Photographer: Eduardo Asenjo Matus

Country: Chile

Bio: Eduardo Asenjo Matus, I was born in Valdivia, Chile 1990. former student of architecture and graphic design. I started with the passion for photography a few years ago whit a compact Fujifilm x10.
Now I use a Fujifilm Xe2s + fujinon 35mm f2 + fisheye 8mm.
This is my first project and it is called “The sound of silence” exhibited in the art gallery Enebada, Vitoria Spain and in the Galeria Urbana Valdivia Chile, Exhibition and sale in Old street gallery Ecuador, publication in Black Magazine November 2017, Full review FujiXpassion Web and magazine Dic. 2017 and Exhibition in Espacio O art gallery Santiago Chile, full review FujiLove and publication in Eclectica magazin, Publication in Fisheye Magazine Paris, France. Full review EYE photo magazine april edition 2018, Two publications in Photographyze magazine May edition, Exhibition in Portal Valdivia, Chile February 2018, Full review in The streets magazine issue 9, Atlanta USA.