I discovered photography for myself as a mean of artistic expression and it became my new passion ever since then. Taking pictures provided me with the opportunity to follow the curiosity I have for people with the same fervency I feel when working as an actress. Acting and photography share mutual roots: curiosity and observation. For me, the street is a stage, where I can observe people and freeze a special moment with my camera. In these moments, I follow my instinct. Still, I learn through my way of exploring every day a little more about the seemingly endless possibilities of photographic expression that then flows into my work.

COUNTRY | Greece

BIO | Efi Logginou is an actress by profession. She used to stay and work in Athens and the last four years she is based in Berlin, Germany. She practices street photography because she has a general curiosity for life. Since 2016 she is part of interCollective, a dedicated space to showcase emerging photography talents.