Elisaveta Bukreyeva


Today, we are introducing a photographer whose work needs no words to be heard and felt. «Single Photos» is the proper representation of the situations we cannot change, and still influence our moods and affect our reactions to our environment.
Nothing but a strange familiarity emerges from these colourful—but strangely colourless—pictures. At first glance, every one of us is acquainted with the situations this author put in front of us. Then, to a more inspecting eye, odd and unusual objects arise from the image, in which feelings of happiness and despair blend well into the captured moments of everyday life. The subjects of these pictures are candid, unplanned, and we can feel the notion of reality they detain within themselves.
These photographs are the result of this author’s merging several different situations explored in the last year. The action of isolating these images from their original settings deposits a layer of unfamiliarity upon them. «Single Photos», even if not originally intended to be a photography series, appears in fact to be a journey into everyone’s life, which is bonded by the mortality of all things. This photographer is presenting to us a collection of images captured to represent the distress we experience daily, and we fail to notice and record.


Elisaveta Bukreyeva is a Ukrainian photographer who lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her main area of research is the genre of documentary and street photography, where she explores her everyday life and surroundings. She has already been published in her country of origin through different media, and she was part of an exhibition in the International Centre of Photography in New York. She is now working on two long-term and more complex projects.