Emir Sevim


«Light of Istanbul» is a street series that wants to celebrate the heritage of one of the oldest and most important cities in history. Turkey’s capital was home to people from empires all around the world for centuries. With its crowd, Istanbul is full of different communities and customs, and they all do their part to make this city broader and more cosmopolitan.
Sevim uses bold contrasts of light and shadow in his photographs. In this series, the photographer followed the path traced by sunlight in different neighbourhoods — as he says, Istanbul get intense light in every season. You can come across strong photographs everywhere in the streets, since the key elements for photography are always there.
In «Light of Istanbul», the photographer tried to convey the spirit and energy, the rhythm and wonders of chance during the golden hour in Istanbul. Its beauty lies in the uncertainty.


Emir Sevim is a 29-year old Turkish photographer. He began capturing the poetry of the streets ten years back. Just after that, he graduated in the cinema and television field. His studies helped him understand better the body of work of the greatest street photographers, from the first and foremost Henri Cartier Bresson, to Alex Webb, Lee Friedlander, and Garry Winogrand. Their different styles in taking photographs set the example of how street photography has changed in recent years, how it has developed and became more accessible.
Sevim is a young photographer who everyday sets out to take pictures, read and analyse his shots afterwards in order to improve. Istanbul is a great help to do just that, with its richness in colours and distinctive character. Lately, he is experimenting with creating shapes with light and shadow.