Gracial Fidel! “Gracias Fidel” is a work I did in Cuba on several trips. This is a portrait of my vision of this beautiful place. I try to transcribe the sounds, colors, dynamism and excitement that reign there. Contrasts and masses invite themselves in my viewfinder. I’m only there to show an atmosphere that always amazes me. Cuban culture intrigues me and it gradually permeates me. This is a work in progress. I still intend to return to get a definite project.

Photographer: Ersen Sariozkan

Country: Belgium

Bio: My name is Ersen Sariozkan. I’m a Belgian photographer and I would like to show you one of my photographic series called “Gracias Fidel!”.
I am a street photographer. I like long-term projects that allow me to live and understand at best an atmosphere and a culture.
I have already had the opportunity to show my work through several exhibitions. I have exhibited alongside other artists in Arles a year ago as part of the exhibition “Bons Baisers de Liège”.